SD 2 HS Redistricting

  • Dec 15 – SD2 Community Info Meeting
  • Jan 26 – SD2 Redistricting Team Meeting
  • Feb 9 – SD2 Redistricting Team Meeting-finalize recommendations
  • March 21 – SD 2 Redistricting Team to make recommendations to SD2 Board

SD 2’s website

-4 Options to continue to move forward with
· Of these four 3 have BC student going to West, 1 to Senior
· Options 3,4,5, and 7 were chosen
o Option 3 = Senior High School
o Option 4 -= West High School
o Option 5 = West High School
o Option 7 = West High School (only option allowing Lockwood school choice)

Shared at the committee meeting, advocating for our students:
o I appreciate the committee’s time and the fact they are making data driven and not emotionally driven decisions.
o Our families feel Riverside and Senior have provided excellent educational experiences for our students.
o other schools in SD2 or outlying schools have shared “our kids have gone to school together K-8” and this should not change for them, in Blue Creek’s instance this is not so, they do not attend K-6 with these kids, they enter Riverside never having attended their earlier years with these students and it is an adjustment, then to move them again in a split to a different HS would be another move and adjustment
o I asked the committee to consider, in the remaining four options, allowing our BCS students a choice between West and Senior much like Lockwood has the choice. Our numbers would not impact Mr. Cropper’s projections as we are few. Our district lies just southwest of the arm of the Lockwood District which is still being given consideration for school choice.
o Other county schools (Elysian, Elder Grove, Canyon Creek) are not affected like we would be, their HS remains the same.

Billings MT Meeting Plot Maps

Billings Public Schools High School Redistricting Timeline

Billings MT High Schools Options Handout Dec 2015